Arcserve and StorageCraft conclude merger

The merger positions the newly formed entity as a global leader in data protection and management.

Arcserve, the world’s most accomplished data, and ransomware protection provider, has announced regulatory approval and the completion of the proposed merger with StorageCraft. Arcserve is now a global top five data management and protection vendor.

Arcserve’s increased global scope, product portfolio range, and combined innovation investments help the company stand out in the industry. Customers and channel partners will now get all of their data processing and security needs addressed with a single vendor’s best-in-class solutions, with a solid roadmap in place to serve emerging data infrastructures and workloads through Dramas and BaaS.

The merger will allow organisations quick access to the future of data security, enabling them to remain ahead of consumer needs by easily moving from current to next-generation infrastructures and data workloads, such as hyper-converged, multi-cloud, containers, edge infrastructures, and next-generation cloud data centres.

Arcserve CEO Tom Signorello (pictured) commented:

“Until now, there was no single company able to provide a solution portfolio to solve all customer data protection and business continuity needs with simplicity, agility, affordability, and scale. The new Arcserve just changed the game. We have a clear and compelling vision for our future, one that will bring much-needed business continuity, an exciting future roadmap, and certainty for our customers.”