Argility Technology Group to invest in Neo Retail Solutions

Argility CEO Marko Salic: The partnership will augment our goal of digitally transforming the business.

The Argility Technology Group has announced a strategic investment in Neo Retail Solutions, making it Argility’s sixth investment in just over two years. 

Argility CEO Marko Salic believes that Neo’s unique automated retail technology platform, which is already successfully deployed in major supermarket chains, is a good fit for the Argility Technology Group.

He says the investment is a strong addition to the company’s current retail. “This move enhances our portfolio and expands our range and service delivery for current and future customers. Neo Retail Solutions is a good fit for Argility that will augment our goal of digitally transforming our core business activities. Also, the platform is ideally suited to incorporate many of the retail market-leading innovations we have developed over the years.”

According to Neo Retail Solutions sales director Ben Jansen van Rensburg, the Argility value proposition is that Neo now has a partner with wide-ranging retail and technology capabilities. 

“Its market reach in different retail categories equips it with a  unique insight into the SA retail landscape. Argility’s experience – which spans almost 35 years in the development of retail technology – leveraging scale and expertise to achieve market share was definitely a deciding factor in our discussions. Most importantly for us was the fact that we immediately connected with the Argility, people, culture and business ethos and discovered a shared view of how retail is developing. This partnership will  enable us to tap into ATG’s expertise to solve problems at scale.”