Do you have ideas for the African M&A Community?

The much-anticipated African M&A Community will be launched soon. It is poised to become the #1 platform for professionals working in M&A, Corporate Finance and Private Equity in Africa. 

The African M&A Community is an online and offline platform enabling bankers, lawyers, investors, advisors, CEOs and CFOs to do better, more and more profitable deals.

The platform follows in the footsteps of an incredibly successful M&A platform in Europe, initiated by the same international team of experts* that is behind blockbuster events like CFO Awards, Finance Indaba Africa and HR Indaba Africa. Before the official launch takes place, we invite you to share your ideas. Anything goes. Email [email protected] today if you want to contribute, sponsor, publish deals, become a member or share your ideas.

Members of the African M&A Community will get invitations for M&A Summits, M&A Master Classes, the African Private Equity Summits and the annual African M&A Awards. Professional member profiles are shared with CFOs and CEOs in Africa. Members will also get free access to the M&A Database & League tables. 

The African M&A Community will enable you to do better, more and more profitable deals. Do you have ideas? Email [email protected] and/or sign up for the newsletter.

*The African M&A Community is an initiative from CFO South Africa ( and its founder Alex van Groningen.