Jubilee Metals Group acquires Eastern Limb PGM surface tailing rights

The group is now a dominant player in the recovery and retreatment of precious metals.

Leading metal recovery business Jubilee Metals Group has acquired the rights to approximately 944,000 tonnes (before accounting for any moisture) of surface tailings containing Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in South Africa’s Eastern Limb. PGMs have six elements of the platinum family, including platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium and gold.

Jubilee Metals Group CEO Leon Coetzer said, “I am thrilled we have been able to secure a further significant amount of PGM-containing surface material in the Eastern Limb. That has been Jubilee’s key focus –to expand our PGM reach and operational capacity, and this material further solidifies our presence there.”

The acquisition cements Jubilee’s position as the go-to company with the knowledge and IP to maximise the value of these surface tailings. Jubilee has committed to the upliftment of 30,000 tonnes of PGM material per month.

Jubilee’s current PGM operational footprint has been limited to the Western Limb (Inyoni PGM facility), which is a single area of the two main PGM areas in South Africa. Jubilee focuses on the retreatment and metals recovery from mine tailings, waste, slag, slurry and other secondary materials generated from mining operations.

“Our reputation as the go-to partner in an ever-expanding operational footprint is just another example of our ability to outpace competitors and drive growth in the region. I am highly confident that we will secure further long term feed supplies and operational presence driving our sustained earnings in South Africa,” said Leon.