Motus Holdings buys GetWorth

South Africa's leading automotive group increases its foothold in online car sales.

Motus Holdings has just purchased a 49 percent stake in Synapt, which owns 100 percent of GetWorth.

The online pre-owned vehicle business is still relatively new in the market since entering the industry in 2017. Its proprietary and patented technology and related products set this online used car sales company apart from competitors in the industry.

The company uses artificial intelligence and smart products to drive customer offerings, making them digital pioneers in the pre-owned car sales business. Their one-touch technology is user-friendly and gives customers peace of mind when selling or buying used cars online.

Motus said the acquisition is in line with intentions to provide additional business support using technology. It plans to scale Motus’s existing network using GetWorth’s innovative processes and systems to expedite and improve customers’ buying and selling experience.

The acquisition will also fast-track Motus’s online vehicle buying and warehouse retailing position, leading to increased sales.

The business, which already has patents in South Africa, is currently awaiting registration overseas.