Telkom and Vodacom conclude roaming agreement 

Telkom replaces MTN and switches over to Vodacom. 

Telecommunications companies, Telkom and Vodacom, have concluded a roaming and facilities leasing agreements on Wednesday. 

The leasing agreement means that Telkom mobile users will in future roam on Vodacom’s network and no longer on MTN’s network, with effect from December 1, 2018.

The value of the agreement was not disclosed by both companies. Telkom said the roaming agreement covers 2G, 3G, and 4G which will include seamless handover between Telkom and Vodacom networks. 

The facilities leasing agreement will allow Telkom to use Vodacom towers, antennas and shelters to build out its own network.Telkom currently has a roaming agreement with MTN which expires in June 2019. 

“Telkom will conduct a phased transition from the current roaming agreement, which will be concluded by the end of the contract period, the company said in a statement.